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Phone Insurance

The majority of people now have a cell phone with an increasing number of people purchasing iPhones or Smart phones. They have become an essential part of everyday life. Losing or damaging your cell phone can be a disaster. Gadget insurance gives you peace of mind if something happens to your cell phone at home or on holidays so it makes sense to get worldwide cover with

Phone insurance with will cover your cell phone for accidental damage, liquid damage, theft, fraudulent calls in the event of theft and we also have an optional cover called loss that can be added to your policy to cover your cell phone if you lose it. We offer cover for a range of different makes and models.

Our claims procedure is made as simple and straightforward as possible as we realise the importance of your cell phone and how being without it can be distressing. For that reason, we are dedicated to replacing your cell phone as quickly as possible.

Booking a policy with is a simple procedure and you can have your policy set up in minutes. A confirmation e-mail is sent straight away giving you access to all documentation immediately.

You’ll be covered for:
• Accidental Damage
• Liquid Damage
• Theft
• Unauthorised Calls
• Worldwide Cover
• Breakdown
• Up to 15% discount for Multiple Gadgets
• Include optional Loss cover

180 days Worldwide Cover is provided so whether you are travelling on a short city break or a week in the sun, you will have peace of mind that your phone is covered. For protection around the world take – don’t leave home without it!

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