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How to Make a Claim

Davies Group Limited are the claim’s administrator for all Gadget Insurance Claims.

In order to submit a claim please click on the below online claims portal. Alternatively, you can contact Davies Group Limited on 0345 074 4787 or via email: [email protected].

Please note that the claims portal will direct you away from the website. Any information imputed via this portal is transmitted directly to Davies Group Limited in order for them to assess and process your claim.

Register Your Claim Online


1. You must:

•    notify Claims Administrators as soon as possible but in any event within 48 hours of any incident likely to give rise to a claim under this insurance; if the incident happened outside of the UK, please notify Claims Administrators within 48 hours of your return to the UK;

•    report the theft or accidental loss of any mobile phone within 24 hours of discovery to your Airtime Provider and blacklist your handset;

•    report the theft or accidental loss of any gadget(s) to the Police within 48 hours of discovery and obtain a crime reference number in support of a theft and a lost property number in support of an accidental loss claim;

•    provide us with details of the claim and any other contract, guarantee, warranty or insurance that may apply to the loss including but not limited to household insurance. Where appropriate a ratable proportion of the claim may be recovered direct from these Insurers.

•    return your completed claim for and evidence of ownership to the Claims Administrators.

2. If the Claims Administrators replace your gadget, the damaged or lost item becomes theirs. If it is returned or found, you must notify the Claims Administrators and send it to them if they ask you to.

In the event that you make a claim, an excess fee applies which must be paid before your claim can be settled. This excess fee varies depending on the type of gadget you have insured. The fees are set out in the policy document which is available in your Policy Documents.