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Laptop Insurance

The Internet has become an essential part of everyday life. Laptops have now replaced desktops in the home and at work for most of us. We take our laptops to work or college everyday and store important information on our portable computers.

If your laptop is damaged or stolen it can be frustrating particularly if you rely on your laptop for work or college and have important documents saved on it. Gadget insurance gives you peace of mind if something happens to your laptop at home or on holidays so it makes sense to get worldwide cover with

Laptop insurance with ensures your laptop is covered in the event of theft and damage so your laptop is fully protected. We offer cover for a range of different makes and models.

Our claims procedure is made as simple and straightforward as possible as we realise the importance of your laptop and how being without it can be distressing. For that reason, we have a commitment to replacing your laptop as quickly as possible. We also have low excesses on claims so should something go wrong the financial cost and headache of replacing your laptop is minimized.

You’ll be covered for:
• Accidental Damage
• Liquid Damage
• Theft
• Worldwide Cover
• Breakdown

Booking a policy with is a simple procedure and you can have your policy set up in minutes. You can book directly on our website can give you peace of mind at an affordable price allowing you to take out cover at a cost which won't break the bank.

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