Just watch what happens when this prankster drops peoples phones. They are not happy…

… and that’s no surprise. We have all become really ‘attached’ to our phones and they have an input into almost every aspect of our lives. We use them for everything nowadays and we feel absolutely lost without them.

With millions of apps available, we do our banking on the move, we monitor our health, we record our workouts, take pictures, shoot video, send emails and so much more. The smartphone now has become an indispensible part of all our lives.

With nearly 2.5 million people in Ireland using a smartphone, those that don’t have a smartphone are now the exception. It would be unusual now not to have one. So when these expensive, little devices get lost, stolen or broken, it can feel like the person has lost a limb.

That’s why we provide gadget insurance here at GadgetInsurance.com. We insure all kinds of different gadgets including smartphones. So if you (or someone else!) drop your smartphone and smash the screen you have insurance to cover the repair.

Simply log on to GadgetInsurance.com today or call (01) 247 8955 if you are in Ireland or 0333 355 0254 if you are in the UK to book your gadget insurance and have peace of mind over the holiday season and into the new year.

We are looking forward to your call…!