Futuristic gadgets

After CES 2016 has passed, and 2015 which saw a lot in the way of technological innovations, it’s interesting to see what the next year has to offer when it comes to top tech.

Whether you’re a techy or not, there’s no doubt that you’ll most likely want one of these inventions in 2016, and it could change how you live your life and consume your media.

5) LG 77 Inch 4K OLED Flexible TV
This is pretty much the ultimate screen for home entertainment. The new range of televisions from LG have this piece of eye candy at the high end. The new OLED screens promise to pack a new form of punch entirely, eclipsing plasma, LCD, and LED. 4K content is also on its way, making the number of pixels on a 1080p set look puny by comparison. Plus this TV is flexible. As in, you can bend it and stuff. Crazy.

source: carhoots

4) Sony Walkman ZX2
Maybe Sony are relying on their Walkman brand a little bit too much with this, but it is quite the device. Have you ever thought your MP3 files just don’t sound good enough? Maybe not, but until you’ve experienced your favourite tracks in FLAC, or wav format on a High Definition Audio device and headset, you haven’t really heard your favourite song.

What’s High Definition Audio? Imagine the 1080p Full HD that revolutionised TV and movies; but this time, it’s for audio. And this is what Sony’s new Walkman promises. Although there are a number of cheaper devices from Sony, this promises the best sound quality known to man, runs Android, and a lot more.  We shall just have to see how the Hi-Def audio market shapes up.

source: carhoots

3) Oculus Rift
The long-awaited Oculus Rift is more-than-likely going to spread like wildfire in 2016, meaning virtual reality could become more popular than ever. At the moment, devices such as Google Glass remain a product for very niche groups, but the Oculus Rift could bring it to a wider audience with a more affordable price, and Facebook’s buyout of the company showing that there are big things to come.

source: carhoots
2) DJI Inspire One
Despite the fact this drone costs $2900, it seems worth that price. The drone features a camera which can shoot 4K footage, with a 20mm wide-angle lens. Not something to be sniffed at when you’re trying to get perfect aerial footage. This means anyone looking to mount their own camera on a drone doesn’t have to anymore, as it all comes in one neat package, without having to fear your precious camera may plummet from above.

source: carhoots

1) Moto 360
Wearable tech is here to stay, and it seems the first piece of consumer gear to go widespread will be the smartwatch. The Moto 360 is touted as the best Android Wear device yet, although they are sure to develop and grow over time. Android had the market dominated before the arrival of the Apple Watch, and it seems a great time to make the leap into viewing your notifications, calls, and apps from your mobile, right on your wrist.

source: carhoots

There’s a lot more than this when it comes to new tech in 2016; but these are the most notable examples that have been unveiled. No doubt there will be more contenders to come, with surprise hits along the way. What do you predict to be the most widespread piece of technology over the next year?