We recently revealed the top reasons for claims during 2013 and discovered that a massive 59% of people were forced to claim due to gadget damage. The remaining Loss49% claimed following the loss or theft of their gadget.

Among the 1,000 people that claimed from their gadget insurance policy in 2013 were a number of people whose reasons for claiming were somewhat outside of the norm.

One unfortunate young lady claimed following a blind date. During the date she popped off to the bathroom, and upon returning was shocked to discover that her date, and her phone, were both gone.

A number of people often end up cancelling their claim, after the missing item is recovered. The places where items were reported to have been found vary greatly – such as inside a fridge and in the cage of a pet hamster. One forgetful person cancelled their claim following the discovery of their phone under the Christmas tree, which was found thanks to the ringing sound coming from inside a wrapped gift.

Ciaran Mulligan, Managing Director Gadgetinsurance.com, said, ‘With the rise of smartphone and gadget claims recently, it is becoming more important to insure your gadgets so you don’t have to fork out for replacements should anything happen. At Gadgetinsurance.com, we know how important your smartphone and other valuable gadgets are and so offer a speedy claims process so you don’t have to be without them for long’.

We received an average of 1,000 claims during 2013. With such a vast array of potential problems and mishaps that can potentially befall even the most careful of gadget owners, insurance for gadgets really has become an essential item for those who don’t want to be left out of pocket.

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