Gadgets for ChristmasIt won’t be long now until Santa is due to arrive so we thought we would take a look at some popular gadgets for the geek in your life. The list is wide and varied but any of the gift ideas featured will bring a smile to the guy or girl in your life who loves their tech! Its gadgets for Christmas.


The GoPro range of cameras are small neat and powerful. With the addition of the ‘Session’ range, the cameras just got smaller! A mainstay of the extreme sports fraternity and with every conceivable device to attach the your GoPro to almost anything (even the inside of a dishwasher!), this device has become extremely popular. Capturing Full HD video this would be a very welcome gift for the guy or girl who has an active hobby. You can check out more about them here: GOPRO.COM

Drones are the buzzword for gadget heads at the moment, with the most popular probably being the DJI range at the moment. With many others on the market, they are available in all different shapes and sizes and price ranges vary from just a couple of hundred euros to thousands of euro. Be careful where you fly it though, there are rule and regulations being applied by lots of national aviation authorities. You can check out popular ones here: DJI DRONES

It’s not quite ‘Back to the Future” but hoverboards of sorts have arrived. Whilst the devices still have wheels, they glide more than ‘hover’ but you get the idea. Being termed the ‘future of transportation’, the gadget guy in your life can be effortlessly riding around.

Probably no need to tell you that Apple have released the latest iPhone 6 and 6plus. Bristling with all sorts of Apps, larger screen size and a faster processor, this will no doubt be popular this Christmas. The new iPhone does not come cheap if purchased out of contract but no doubt it will find its way into some Christmas stockings this year.

Apple are expecting large volume sales of the Apple ‘Watch’ after its much hyped launch earlier in the year. Apple have not revealed sales to date, which might indicate that sales so far since launch might have been lackluster. Other brands in the market include (obviously) Samsung, HP/Movado, Android, Pebble and Moto. One of our favorites from a design perspective is the partnership between Google and TAG Heuer to produce this $1,500 beauty.

Smart Wallet
If you think the idea of a wallet that bulges with cards, receipts, cash and all sorts of other items is annoying, the Secrid slim wallet might be the gift for you this Christmas. The Slim Wallet magically slims down your wallet, alleviating clutter and giving you something small and manageable for you pocket. You can find the Secrid Wallet details on their website HERE or take a look at the video below.

We love this! A set of lenses for the range of iPhones, iPad and Samsung Galaxy S range and a pretty cool website too. The lenses allow you to cool(er) shots with your mobile device than you could previously. With a range of lenses allowing macro photgraphy and wide angle photography, the Olloclip will allow you get creative with you mobile photography. You can browse the Olloclip range on their website by clicking HERE.

Star Wars BB8 Droid
For a little fun and the Star Wars freak in your life, the BB8 Droid from the new Star Wars ‘The Force Awakens’ movie is something to consider. The diminutive little droid runs in conjunction with an downloadable app. The video below probably explains the little guy better that we could and you can visit the SPHERO website HERE.

Apple TV
Apple TV has been around for a while now and many had been critical of the lack of updates both in the hardware and the software allowing it to keep up with many of its rivals. In October, Apple announced and subsequently launched an all new Apple TV. The new Apple TV includes Siri and a brand new touch control.
Its open to App developers too and its difficult to imagine what will come to the Apple TV over the coming months and years with that. Read more about Apple TV by clicking HERE.

Amazon Kindle
Finally, whilst we have written about all sorts of gadgets and gizmos, we are big fans of the written word and reading as many books as possible. Hence we have featured the Kindle from Amazon. There are many other devices out there for reading eBooks but we still like the Kindle. With a couple of variations to choose from, most price points a re covered. There are two that we like though, The Kindle PaperWhite and the Kindle Voyage. Both have a backlit display and the battery life is great, with weeks of power between charges and space for thousands of books. We also like the bundle deal that Amazon have come up with for kids. check that out HERE.

We hope that this has given you a little bit of inspiration for the Gadget freak in your life. Also with Black Friday looming, you might be able to grab a bargain too! So what gadget for Christmas will you be getting?