With St Patrick’s Day weekend upon us, the world will “go green” as it celebrates all things Irish! Here at Gadget Insurance.com, we’re celebrating all things Irish too! With so many of us now spending over 2 hours a day on our phones, we decided to put together a list of the apps that are inherently more Irish than they may have been designed to be! From Instagram to our “telly player apps”, the digital age has created a new way of expressing our “Irishness”!



Everyone from your little cousin to your Granny is now on Whatsapp. The chat feature has virtually replaced conventional texting and is the go to form of communication between people nowadays. It’s where conversations related to dinners, lifts, football team training, local gossip and nights out are all conducted and it’s perfect for those who are living abroad too! Voice and video calls are a somewhat simpler alternative to the painful days of laptop Skype sessions when catching up with home while away. You’re never too far away from friends and family when you have Whatsapp on your phone and we’re showing no sign of giving it up anytime soon. If you haven’t got it yet due to living under a rock, you can get it for free on the Apple and Google Play Stores.


Image of the whatsapp homepage on a phone screen. Whatsapp is now one of our honorary Irish Apps



Where else would you be able to show off your new found “notions” than on Instagram! The photo sharing platform has really taken off in the last few years flooding our news feeds with travel, fashion, fitness, make up and baby photos at an alarming rate! This allows us Irish to partake in two of our favourite past times, snooping on people we know(and don’t know) and laughing at the “state” of some of these people. It can be a guilty pleasure at times, but we absolutely love it. Both Iphone and Android users can download the app for free.


Duo Lingo: 

Duo Lingo is one of the most popular apps available for learning languages! You can now also use it to rekindle your own mother tongue. Years of learning off Irish in school in order to pass exams may have left a damaging impression on a lot of us, but with Duo lingo the “cupla focail” could return allowing you to become better connected with both Irish history and our unique culture! You can download it on both the Apple and Google Play stores.


Image of the Duo lingo app logo displayed on a mobile phone. Duo Lingo is among our list of Irish Apps as it enables people to recapture their native language


Rte Player App:

As we all lead busy lives at both home and work, catching the latest Fair City isn’t a viable option every evening! That’s where the RTE player app has been a godsend for most of us! Where else can you catch that controversial interview you missed from “The Late Late” last night, or watch the old classics like Glenroe? The RTE Player app is constantly adding both new and classic programming to it’s collection and has become a must have! It’s available on both the Apple and Google play stores.


Image of someone watching something on their mobile phone. TV players have become popular Irish apps in recent years


The Official GAA App: 

Hurling and Gaelic footballs answer to the RTE player is the “Official GAA” App. The GAA mad people scattered across Ireland and abroad depend on this app to get the latest news and reports on all things GAA. You can also manage your membership fees, compliance issues in relation to your club and more. You can download it on the Apple or Google Play Stores.


Father Ted Quiz App: 

Never has a series encapsulated what it is to be Irish like Father Ted did. It’s no wonder that we have clung to anything associated with it since the show’s final episode. Pub Quizzes, festivals, lovely girls competitions and a whole range of bizarre tributes to the show have sprung up over the years. In 2015, Ted went digital with the release of an app brilliantly called “My Lovely App”. The app claims to be the best Father Ted quiz around with over 200 questions related to all elements of the shows 25 episodes. Think you know every line and cameo appearance? Find out if you do by downloading the app today!


Image of the home where Father Ted lived in the famous TV series. "My lovely app" is a Father Ted Trivia app and is no doubt one of the most Irish Apps on the market


One thing is for sure, we Irish definitely live life to the fullest and love our apps! If only we had one to control our weather! Protect your phone and gadgets with a gadget Insurance policy from us today! You can get a quote right now on our website.