Gadget Insurance Looks Into New Feature Potential

Snapchat has weaved it’s way into our lives  much like Facebook and Twitter did. The personal aspect of the app is what set it aside from the others where one persons business was everyone’s. However Snapchat has just become a whole lot more inclusive with this latest feature.
Frequent users of the app will already know of the standard story function. Your “snap” , a photo or video up to ten seconds that cant be played again, can now be added to your story. Which is a collection of your snaps over the past 24 hours played one after another making up, you guessed it, a story.

Originally a story could only be sent from one persons account. Now however, Snapchat have started including a function that lets users at the same event contribute their snaps in order to make one collective Snapchat story.

How does it work? gadget insurance

First, the user must have GPS location detection active on their phone. If they are, for example, attending a music concert, Snapchat will automatically know that the user is in close proximity to the event. The user’s within the location will be allowed access to submit their snap to the story option in real time, allowing users all over the world the ability to see the event through their eyes.

When was this used?

on September 9, Apple held a showcase for their latest products, the iPhone 6 and the iWatch. This unveiling was mostly speculation. The lucky few who got to attend the showcase were allowed submit their snaps of the products being revealed, allowing Snapchat users to see them almost immediately after.

What does this mean?

This could potentially revolutionize how we look at events. Just like tuning into a television show, imagine thousands, millions of people tuning into Snapchat to see almost live and spontaneous coverage of an event. It can be an announcement or a concert or a protest, world events can be documented. However this can be a fickle medium. As spontaneous as the whole experience can be, it isn’t archived, meaning that whatever you have seen, it has been for the last time. offers great value insurance to protect your phones/ ipods/ laptop!