In what might be the biggest smartphone recall ever, Samsung has halted sales of some 2.5 million new Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, amid ongoing reports that a flaw in the device’s batteries is making them catch fire and explode.

If you have recently purchased or upgraded to the new Samsung you will want to read this.

Last week, Samsung voluntarily initiated its own product recall of the device which is likely to cost the company hundreds of millions of dollars.

“If the device is [formally] recalled by the manufacturer, airline crew and passengers will not be able to bring recalled batteries or electronics that contain recalled batteries in the cabin of an aircraft, or in carry-on and checked baggage,” an FAA spokesperson in the USA said recently.

The problem apparently stems from a faulty battery cell causing the battery and subsequently the phone to overheat. In 35 instances worldwide, the phone has actually caught fire or exploded.

Speaking to media last week, Samsung’s smartphone chief, Koh Dong-jin, was clearly unhappy about the problem – one which may ultimately end up costing the company several billion dollars to fix.


Source: Samsung is recalling 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 smartphones over exploding battery fears