What we can expect so far.

The iPhone 6 rival is expected to debut in 2015, but what can we expect from it?

After the S5 was reported to “uninspire consumer interest” it is expected that the upcoming Samsung release will be a refreshment of what we have previously seen.

According to recent leaks (Some more likely than others), the Samsung Galaxy S6 has been under production in Samsung headquarters under the name “Project Zero”. With the success of the iPhone 6 in late 2014, it is believed that the pressure is on for Apple’s biggest competitor to bring the biggest update to their flagship phone to date

Unnamed insiders from SamMobile report  “Samsung is developing its next-generation flagship device from scratch, with an entirely new vision.” Adding “Project Zero is an indication that Samsung is trying to achieve something unique and different with the Galaxy S6.

In November 2014 Samsung teased at the Analyst Day in Korea by revealing its first phones to run 2560 x 1440 pixel WQHD displays will land. As we saw with the Note 4. It can be assumed that the S6 will boast a similar  display jumping from the S5’s 1080p Full HD screen.

With the S5 sales being lower than expected have forced Samsung to reasses their efforts in smartphone production. The company reports that they are willing to put more emphasis on design with premium materials in order to get that “Apple touch”.

Samsung has also pledged to improve its handsets moving forward, stating:

“We will strengthen our product competitiveness by reinforcing our premium brand reputation, powerful product line-up, and cutting-edge technology,”

From this we can expect a metal casing much like the iPhone 6 and a further overhaul of the design of their flagship product.

Below is a design concept many have been speculating.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Rumours

  • Here is a list of the rumours that have been knocking about the internet.
  • We are looking at a price above the 600 euro mark.
  • Like its predecessor, there have already been suggestions that the Samsung Galaxy S6 will feature a curved, flexible display.
  • It has been mooted that the S6 will wrap its QHD panel around both the handset’s left and right hand edges.
  • Tech analyst Jerry Kang claimed the S6 will take Samsung’s flexible screen technology to the mainstream masses for the first time.
  • It is widely accepted that the Samsung Galaxy S6 will run Lollipop direct from the box.
  • There are rumours that the Galaxy S6 will feature a larger display than its predecessors.
  • The consensus given previous model screens is the S6 topping off somewhere around the 5.2 or 5.3-inches. This will be bordering the Sony Xperia Z.
  • Samsung finally ditching its fascination with plastic in favour of a more premium build quality.
  • Suggestions have surfaced that the S6 could utilise graphene in elements of its design as Samsung makes progress with the material. However this would mean a major bump in pricing

“This is one of the most significant breakthroughs in graphene research in history,” SAIT Lab leaders said. “We expect this discovery to accelerate the commercialisation of graphene, which could unlock the next era of consumer electronic technology.”

Samsung Galaxy S6 Specs

The Samsung Galaxy S6 specs sheet will feature a number of cross over features from the S5, with a wealth of new offerings thrown into the mix.

there was a huge focus on the S5’s:

  • water resistant coating
  • fingerprint scanner incorporating home button
  • rear-mounted heart rate sensor,

So it is all but a given that these will appear again.

There is currently no word on the phone’s camera, although we would be surprised if the S6 didn’t improve on the S5’s existing 16-megapixel snapper.

That’s all for now but in the final run we can expect a lot of news to be released about the S6. Gadget insurance insure all androids with mobile phone insurance so if the rumored price does indeed exceed 600 euro, be sure to have it insured.