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Gadget Insurance Reports Rumours of One Handed iPhone Returning.

With strong launch sales, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have undoubtedly captured the mobile phone market by storm. Although many have expressed dis-satisfaction at the largest models Apple have brought out. Some apple die hards miss the days when their iPhone was usable with one hand. Now the current iPhone’s boast screen sizes of 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches for the plus. Ease of use has definitely declined though, especially with the 6 plus that definitely requires two hands to send a simple text message.

Because of this, sketchy rumours have surfaced that Apple are planning to expand their 2015 lineup to include a smaller, 4 inch model similar to it’s predecessors. As unlikely as this may be the internet has exploded in theories since, an Asian website translated began these rumours.

Take with a pinch of salt

The buzz seems to be coming about with the promise of the ease of usage being brought back to the Apple lineup.  The supply chain sources suggest the new phone may debut in the second half 2015 with female users as the targeted audience for the smaller phone.

This could coincide with the possible discontinuing of the iPhone 5C.

However,with the dodgy citing, this up until now remains a rumour and will definitely plague the internet until Apple confirms the plans to be true or false. For now it would be best to not put much stock into this theory until additional information starts to leak out, which would take place in early 2015 if true.

Even if we don’t get a long awaited 4 inch model in 2015, IPhone sales continue to be strong for the newest models. Apple set new sales records on their first weekend of release in late 2014. even though the iPhone 6 is outselling the 6 Plus currently, the larger model has held it’s own as a phablet, accounting for 41 percent of large screened smartphone sales in the final 3 months of 2014 alone.

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