If you were on the interweb yesterday, you’ve probably seen how excited people are about the announcement of the cast list for Star Wars VII. It would seem that the Radio Times got a little TOO Excited about it. So excited that they referred to the Irish and British new cast members as exclusively British!  Check out this tweet:

Radio Times Tweet

As you might how Domhnall Gleeson, who has been cast in the new Star Wars,  was in Harry Potter, but he ain’t British!

Domhnall Gleeson (IRL)

Maybe @RadioTimes got a reaction as they quickly changed their tweet to

British and Irish

British AND Irish. Nice save Radio Times. They then deleted the old tweet. Fair Enough. Congrats to Domhnall, hope he has a lot of fun filming the next installment of Star Wars. We’re so Excited!!

Read more about the stars  here:

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