Samsung has officially revealed a curved screen smartphone called the Galaxy Round, it’s essentially a Note 3 in a curvy suit.Samsung Galaxy Round

The Galaxy Round has a 5.7-inch concave screen attached to a curved casing and Samsung claims this makes it more comfortable to hold than other phones. They also claim that curved screens can also boost the viewing angle of videos, for example. It will also allow users to check the information such as the date, time, battery life and missed calls more easily while the home screen is off.

Samsung’s Galaxy Round is not technically flexible because it can’t bend or change shape, but it is said to be the world’s first smartphone to have a curved design.

The phone is initially only available in Korea and costs around £632. Release dates and prices for other countries are yet to be announced.

Rumour has it, competition is heating up however with their rival LG planning to introduce a smartphone with a vertically curved display in the first week of November.

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