Earlier this year, we spoke about whether or not we thought the Samsung S8 would be an iphone killer in the smartphone market. Now only a few short months later, it was time for Apple to hold a massive event to announce the new products that we all need in our lives. Their latest event occurred on the 12th of September and among the usual updates of Apple Watch models, Apple TV and the other niche (boring) products on offer, Apple released the iphoneX. Cue the influx of Americans who’ll spend their days waiting outside Apple stores….


An image of a popular meme that shows Fry from Futurama saying "shut up and take my money". This signifies the die hard iphone user


Launching alongside the new iphone 8 (essentially an updated version of the 7), the iphone X is the company’s new flagship handset and is what people are really getting excited about. Named “X” to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the original iphone, the phone has some novelty features that are sure to gain it a lot of attention in the coming weeks. Below is Apples amazingly produced short introductory video that will touch on all of the new features that it provides.



If Apple are able to do one thing, it’s create a sense of excitement and pageantry around their innovations. In the video above, they’ve really tapped into our sense of individualism while showing that when it comes to Augmented reality, they are making the most progressive moves. With die hard apple fans worldwide sure to snap up the new model, it may be hard to justify the €1179 price-tag when it is released in the Irish market. However, here are some of the features that we feel may give it the edge over anything else we’ve ever seen.


The Screen: 

Without a doubt in answer to Samsung’s recent S8 screen,  a brand new 5.8 inch retina display screen has been added to the new X. On top of this, it has removed the home button and replaced it with face scanner to allow the screen to stretch to the very edge of the phone. Being the first phone to introduce the finger scanner unlocking system, the new face scanner will be seen as another trend setting move for Apple. Alongside the Apple pay feature, the face scanner will allow you to pay for items. This little feature hints at a not too distant future in which we’ll be all thanking robot cashiers as we pay for that coffee with a scan of our face. Stop the earth, we wanna get off!


A11 Bionic Chip:

Super core, extra fast, processor, Qualcom, Gigahertz etc are all words that mean absolutely nothing to the regular smartphone owner. What users want is exceptional processing speed so they can have their suite of vital apps open at the same time and still use the phone with lightning quick ease. Apples new “Bionic Chip” claims to be the “most powerful and smartest in a smartphone ever”. Whether this will still be the case once the phone is half full of selfies, Snapchat stories and your Spotify Favourites, is yet to be seen. However, if the phone proves to be the fastest and smartest on the market, then it will gain popularity very quickly.


Image of a microchip close up. The new iphone X features the greatest chip ever in a phone



When your 60 year old father has just sent you the monkey covering his eyes emoji, you know that they have become mainstream. Apple seem to have realised this and so have introduced the Animoji’s to the new X. This allows you to send and receive animated emoji messages that are created from the same scanners that enable you to unlock the phone. Although this may not be widely used by people initially, it is a novelty feature that will bring a lot of attention and free publicity to the brand. The video below shows more on the Animojis and just how lifelike they really are.




With every major smartphone release, massive questions will be asked of the camera and its specifications. The iphone X has introduced some new features to the market. Like the One Plus 5, the new Iphone features a double camera on the back for better image stabilisation. It also features slo mo video capabilities of up to 240fps at 1080p. If these figures mean nothing to you, then Apple have introduced a feature that everyone will appreciate. Portrait Lighting and its true depth front facing cameras will no doubt take selfies to the next level. Not only this but with a new range of AR features compatible with the camera, we will begin to see the next generation of live facial filters.


Air Power

Battery life is a constant struggle for many Smartphone users as getting a days worth of power from an active phone can be impossible. The X will offer 2 hours more battery life than the iphone 7. This however is arguably not their biggest news in the power department. This is the introduction of Air Power. Many smartphone producers have tried to introduce wireless mobile charging to the market, however it is yet to fully take off. Apple have thrown their hat in the ring now with their new charging mat. Although still in development, the mat is expected to be available in early 2018 and it will allow you to charge multiple Apple devices by simply placing the products on the mat. Although this has been one of the less celebrated aspects of the Apple event, if Apple can this right, it may become market leading.


Image of an iphone being charged. The new Apple Air Power system will revolutionise charging


Overall, our impressions of the new iphone X are very positive ones. You cant help but feel as their brilliantly produced videos play that they are on the cusp of the future. Apple make you feel like they will lead us into a world in which we edge further into becoming a part of our phones and it a part of us. Although having said all that, at over €1100, it may be a while before many of us can catch up.


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