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What will Apple’s iPhone 6 look like?

As always with anticipation of a new iPhone launch, the web is awash with rumours, “leaks” and speculation. This has gone into overdrive in recent weeks due mainly to two events.  Firstly Apple announced iOS 8 at WWDC 2014 (World Wide Developer Conference) in June. And only last week Reuters reported that Apple had gone on a “massive” recruitment spree for its China factories. As the 5s & 5c were seen simply as updates on previous models Apple has a lot riding on the release of the iPhone 6.

So what are the best rumours we’ve heard so far?

Two sizes: this is particularly exciting – a standard 4.7 inch screen size and a new 5.5 inch “phablet” to compete with their Android rivals. The iOS 8 announcement has fuelled this one as it will allow for the inclusion for third party keyboards on the Apple platform (such as Swype for android) for the first time. Rumours have it though that due to production issues we may have to wait a little longer on the larger version.

8 – 10 mega pixel camera: This one is fuelled again by the iOS 8 announcement, with enhanced photo editing features and also recent improvements in Apple’s photos App.

128 GB iPhone: This rumour is being mooted by Tech writers and sites all over the web. Why? Simply due to the fact that Apps are getting bigger and we are taking more and more photos. So naturally we need more storage, right? Who knows, but here’s hoping!

Indestructible Sapphire Crystal Display: Apple already uses this material for the camera lens and touch ID sensors on the iPhone 5s. However if this rumour is true the iPhone 6 will be the first Smartphone to come to the market using this mineral to make its whole display area. It offers vast improvements in both durability and thickness over the current material.

All of these “rumours” above are very exciting for Tech and Apple fans and who knows if they’ll come to fruition. Let’s wait and see, roll on September!

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