The new iPhone 7 was announced one week ago to much pomp and ceremony. It was the main event, within the main event so to speak in San Francisco.

With its new colours of both black and jet black joining the existing silver gold and rose gold, the iPhone 7 is said to be dust resistant and water resistant.



It comes with a new, more powerful chip and the memory sizes have been increased too. The minimum sizes now standing at 32GB, then 128GB and finally a 256GB storage size in both the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7plus.

The phones were available for pre order since last Friday and they will begin shipping to those that have pre ordered the devices this Friday. Inevitably there will be the line of eager Apple fans outside many of the Apple stores around the world, waiting for the doors to open and rush to purchase.

The internet has been busy with mixed reviews some calling the iPhone 7 just a shinier version of the iPhone 6 but nothing has caused more controversy than the removal of the headphone jack. A stalwart feature of all smartphones since music became available on them. The Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing (some title!) Phil Schiller heralded the move as one of ‘courage’, which put Twitter into overdrive that evening.

no headphones on the iphone 7

The removal of the headphone jack and its replacement with an additional speaker now affords the new iPhone stereo sound. If you wish to use your old headphones, the new phone will ship with a lightening to 3.5mm jack adapter. Also included is a set of Apple headphones that connect directly into the lightening port. The downside of this is you can no longer charge your device whilst listening to audio as the port is the same for both! Apple says it needed to take out the headphone jack so it could make space for better cameras, the Taptic Engine (even though the 6S also had a Taptic Engine), and perhaps most importantly, a bigger battery.

Apple no longer want you to be tethered. This has given rise to the new ‘Airpods’ – a Bluetooth, wireless pair of earbuds that retail at an additional price of over €150/£150/$150! These too have received a mixed response on the internet. Here is one such review from WIRED giving the Airports a score of only 5/10.


The camera has improved again on the iPhone 7. The explosion in mobile photography is one of the most revolutionary aspects of the entire smartphone revolution, and the general excellence of the iPhone camera over time is a big reason why. The iPhone 7 represents another upgrade over the iPhone 6S: there’s a new, faster f/1.8 lens, the addition of optical image stabilization, a new four-color True Tone flash, and wider color capture. This all adds up to a decent improvement, but the iPhone 6S was already operating at the top of the scale. In low light, that faster lens and optical image stabilization means that the 7 significantly outperforms the 6S. But compared to the iPhone 6S, the iPhone 7 is a step improvement.

The only better one out there is the Samsung Galaxy 7 and Note 7 – but as we now know they have bigger problems than the launch of a competitors phone.

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are among the most interesting and powerful phones Apple has ever shipped. The are also the most divisive with opinions forming on either side of the tech fence. iOS 10 promises to be excellent, the cameras are better, and the performance is phenomenal. Oh and the all important battery last longer.

So have you ordered one yet? They begin shipping at the end of this week, arriving to you next week.

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