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Gadget Insurance offers great cover for your iPhone 6, but here’s some tips for easily avoidable damage.

Long gone are the days of a Nokia 3310 that could withstand an atomic bomb. Now the simplest tumble of your smartphone send your heart racing. I think we can all agree that the iPhone’s have been the biggest offender. Gadgetinsurance.com saw a huge spike in iPhone insurance claims, so it seems phone’s aren’t getting more durable.

So instead of waiting for indestructible phones which may never come out, here’s some helpful hints to avoid damaging your phone.


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This is the most obvious yet sure fire way to protect your iPhone. Not a case that just covers the borders and back. The screen is the place most susceptible to damage and yet it is often the least protected part of a person’s phone.  Try a leather flip case which are cheap enough on  Amazon. There’s a few to consider but it’s recommended the thicker the better.  Some even come with free screen protectors.


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If you really need to listen to music with your iPhone 6 while exercising, it’s recommended that you do NOT HOLD IT! iPhone 6 is far more streamlined than its predecessors. Adding sweaty palms to that leads to disaster. There is a way around it though. Consider investing in an armband to contain your phone. igeeksblog posted an excellent article about the best you can get.

Step 3: At the beach, keep your iPhone in a sandwich bag to protect from sand scratch marks.

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Sand is a disease to a smartphone! Not only can it get into every nook and cranny, the particles can scratch the screen to pieces. Also wherever there is sand, there is a body of water nearby. Kep your phone in an (unused!) sandwich bag to keep it safe. The best part? The touch screen still works.


Step 4: Invest in a wrist strap.

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Wrist straps can be bought anywhere from a fiver to over thirty quid! No matter the quality they’re worth it. We all have those brain failure moments when things just slip out of our hands.This handy little strap will save you a broken screen more than a few times.


Above all keep your phone covered with gadget insurance. For full information visit Gadgetinsurance.com