What gadget might you like to see under the Christmas tree this year?

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Here at Gadget Insurance.com, we insure all kinds of gadgets. When people think of gadget insurance, they usually think of tablets, laptops and phones. It is true to say that we do insure lots of phones and tablets, but we also insure other gadgets too.

Have you thought of how lost you might be without your Satellite Navigation? At Gadget Insurance, we insure sat navs from all different manufacturers, from the popular brands like Garmin and Tom Tom to brands like Road Angel Sentient and Snooper. The most likely place you will have your sat nav is probably in your car or perhaps on your bicycle or motorcycle. Unfortunately, in the event of your car being broken into, thieves tend to steal valuable items such as a sat nav, that can be easily sold on.

So consider insuring your sat nav with Gadget Insurance.com so you are covered if you ever have it stolen.

eReaders have a become a popular gift for the avid reader over the past number of years. The idea of having hundreds of books at your disposal in a pocket sizes gadget is very appealing. You can see people reading their Kindles and Sony readers on trains and buses everywhere. Unfortunately, with the slightest distraction, these miniature gadgets can be left on buses and in train carriages too. Don’t be caught out midway through your favourite best seller, when you find its not in your possession when you get home or to the office.

Left your eReader on the bus or train? If you have it insured with Gadget Insurance.com, we’ll have up and reading again.

Capturing memories on camcorders is an everyday occurrence now. With parents recording everything from the excitement of Christmas morning to school plays, sports days and holiday moments. These gadgets have got smaller and smaller and now fit into your pocket. With the size of these gadgets reducing they become a target for thieves and can become easily lost as well.

You should make sure that this diminutive device is insured against loss and/or theft so that you can continue to record those special life moments.

For insurance on all these gadgets and more, log onto GadgetInsurance.com today and gain peace of mind as well as great gadget insurance.

Alternatively you can call the customer care line on 0333 355 0254 if you are in the UK or (01) 2478955 if you are calling within the Republic of Ireland.