Cracking Up Over A Cracked Screen? Raging Over A Wrecked Tablet?

Don’t get caught out when something happens your phone or tablet this Christmas.

Over the Christmas season, we all end up out and about a bit more. In the run up to Christmas, people are busy shopping in the city and shopping centres perhaps more than they are usually. Attending office parties and visiting people, its all too easy to drop your phone when reaching to make a phone call or have it slip out of your pocket in the nightclub as you ‘punch out’ your moves on the dancefloor. Many people unfortunately even have the misfortune of dropping their phone in the toilet!

Worse again is having a your phone stolen! All those important numbers, notes and dates lost. We have all heard stories of friends having phones stolen off them in the street as they are mid-call to someone. A thief flashes by in an instant on a bike or similar and literally snatches the phone from the persons ear.

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According to, in the year ending June 2015, of all 442,000 ‘theft from the person’ offences, 47% (206,000) were stealth thefts; these are offences where there is theft of property, while the property is on the person of the victim and include snatch thefts, where an element of force (but not violence) may be used, and stealth thefts such as pick-pocketing.

Phone technology is improving all the time and with the ability to trace phones now to a specific location due to improvements in mobile phone security and theft prevention, there was evidence that theft of smartphones was driving the upward trend in street crime, especially in London. And as we know, these marvelous devices do not come cheap.

That’s were Gadget Insurance comes in. We are here to make sure that your precious Apple iPhone or your Samsung Galaxy phone or whatever phone you have, is covered for theft and damage. So when you drop your phone and the screen smashes, we are here to help. When you have your Sony phone stolen or your HTC or Huawei is hijacked, we are here to help.

Simply log on to today or call (01) 247 8955 if you are in Ireland or 0333 355 0254 if you are in the UK to book your gadget insurance and have peace of mind over the holiday season and into the new year.

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