iPhone5 insurance plus gadget cover from only €69 year or €5.75 month

With the release of the new iPhone 5 in Ireland scheduled for Friday September 28th, www.Gadgetinsurance.ie has announced a new lower price for Irish consumers. Gadgetinsurance.ie offers a choice of 3 different levels of cover, Premier, Premier Plus and Platinum, providing cover limits of €500, €1,000 and €2,000, for up to 5 gadgets.

Premier cover, currently costing €79, will be reduced to €69 (just €5.75 a month) from the 28th September to coincide with the new iPhone 5 launch, offering even better value to Irish consumers. The Premier Plus policy is also being reduced from €139 to €119.00 and Platinum Cover from €199 to €179.

The results of recent market research survey conducted by Irish company, ‘Behaviour and Attitudes’ show that less than half of people surveyed had mobile phone insurance with the majority believing this type of insurance is ‘too expensive’. Cost is also a major influencing factor. Cover from mobile phone providers is being sold at upwards from €9.99 per month up to €12.99 a month with some companies, which can work out at over €120 per year.

Gadgetinsurance.ie is delighted to announce this price reduction which will make mobile phone insurance even more competitive for the Irish consumer. A new pay monthly option will also be available shortly to allow customers spread the payment over 12 months, at €5.75 per month, at no extra cost.

Gadgetinsurance.ie, which is owned by award winning Irish company Blue Insurances Ltd, has seen a dramatic increase in the number of theft claims over the last 12 months. The vast majority of claims for theft were specifically for mobile phone theft – at 91%. Out of those claims for mobile phone theft, 82% were for iPhones and 19% were for other mobile/smart phones. General figures released from the Gardai show a 20% increase in Mobile Phone Crimes to period end of July for 2012 on 2011.

Joint Managing Director, Ciaran Mulligan says “Our aim is to continue to bring increased competitiveness to the insurance market, offering quality products at very competitive prices. We are delighted to announce this price reduction in line with the iPhone 5 launch. With mobile theft claims in Ireland being at an all-time high it is essential that people take out insurance cover”.

Gadgetinsurance.ie covers your phone (smart or standard) plus 4 more gadgets (Laptops, iPads, Digital Cameras, Camcorders, and even hair straighteners) for accidental damage, water damage and theft from €69 for the year. Additional loss cover is also available.

To buy online click on www.gadgetinsurance.ie or call 0818 288 456.

For further information contact:
Ciaran Mulligan or Maeve Slamon, Blue Insurances, Tel: 087 8222233 / 0818 484 484 or
Email : ciaran@blueinsurance.ie

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