smartphone iphone becomes in a bid to bring the Irish brand worldwide.

Blue Insurances Limited, the Irish firm behind Ireland’s first gadget insurance, will rebrand as from 1st April 2013 in a bid to bring the Gadget Insurance brand worldwide. The company is also launching a new website which will be compatible with various types of booking devices such as laptops, ipad minis and smart phones.

Joint Managing Director, Ciaran Mulligan says, “We are delighted to be switching to We acquired the .com domain last year from an English company and we have already launched the .com brand in the UK. We are currently in discussions with a US insurer about bring the brand to the US Market and already the domain is ranking fourth on page 1 on Google in the US for the key word ‘Gadget Insurance’. We are hoping to have this product ready in the US Market in the second half of this year”.

Mulligan added, “With more and more people buying gadgets and not wanting to cover them under their household policy, we really think this is a big opportunity for the company. is also changing the way consumers insure their gadgets on their website from 1st April 2013. Each gadget will be insured separately and a price will apply for each phone or gadget covered.

Ciaran Mulligan, says “This new structure will make it cheaper for our Irish and UK customers to cover their gadgets. Our basic price before was €79.00, whether it was for one gadget or five gadgets, now consumers can purchase gadget cover for their phone or gadget from as little as €1.49 per month or €16.39 a year, depending on the type of phone or gadget.

Mulligan says, “Our policy covers up to 60 days worldwide and our standard cover includes Accidental Damage, Theft and Water Damage and loss cover can be included for a small additional premium on mobile phones”.

Behaviour & Attitudes carried out a recent survey for which found massive growth in smart phone and tablet ownership in Ireland. The survey also established that 55% of those surveyed did not currently hold insurance for any of their gadgets. Garda figures show that 5,989 incidents of mobile phone theft were recorded in the first seven months of 2012, a 20% jump on the same period in 2011.

The most expensive gadget that most people own is their iPhone/smart phone and repairing or replacing a high-end handset can be costly.

Here are the Top 5 tips for keeping your data to yourself:

Tip 1: Set a passcode. Keep intruders away from your info by adding a passcode to your phone. Start by going to Settings. If you have an iPhone, you’ll see a choice for setting a passcode. Android devices have a “Location & security” option.

Tip 2: When you leave a bus or train station don’t use your phone immediately, leave it a while or if you are using it use your earpiece instead. Watch out for people on bikes and mopeds, and don’t use your phone if someone could whizz by and grab it.

Tip 3: Keep calls in public places as brief as possible, the longer you talk, the more likely you are to be spotted by a potential thief.

Tip 4: Store your IMEI number separately at time or purchase so you can disable the phone if it is stolen.

Tip 5: iPhone users should register with MobileMe so your phone can be tracked quickly if stolen. This can be accessed via iTunes.

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