company gadget insurance from gadget insuranceIn this ever evolving world of technology and gadgets, the way we conduct business is changing.

You can now work wherever you are, at any time of day or night, and on any device. This means better collaboration, increased mobility, better business control and an empowered workforce. It’s business without walls. This change in the last number of years has allowed businesses the following benefits.

  • ·         Be productive on the go
  • ·         Work in your own way
  • ·         Access and edit your latest files
  • ·         Bring customers closer
  • ·         Work together from anywhere
  • ·         Meet online, anytime, anywhere

With easy document sharing both internally and externally, you can bring customers and other staff closer. Send a brochure from your phone! Send an invoice from your iPad. Submit expenses from cloud storage. It’s amazing now what can be done. With Amazon now earning the vast majority of its income from cloud based activities, it is obvious that many corporates and companies, both large and small, have bought into this idea of ‘business on the move’ or business without walls.

With more computing power on the smartphone in your pocket than NASA had when sending men to the moon, you can have your business life and personal life with you at all times. Imagine if you lost, broke or had it stolen.

So we have two pieces of advice to keep you covered:

1.       You have definitely heard this numerous times before but have you actioned it? Back up your smartphone and all the other devices you have for your business when out and about.

2.       Visit us HERE to get a quote or call us on 0818 286 456

If you are looking to cover 20 gadgets or more, we will offer your company a 25% discount if insured at the same time. We look forward to speaking with you.


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