Recently, we wrote a nostalgic piece on the retro gadgets we thought we’d never live without. We remembered fondly a time when you never left the house without your Tomagochi and when a night with friends meant one thing, “Bop It”. As technology has advanced, we now spend most of our days buried in one gadget, our phones. Mobile phone technology has managed to bring all of our favourite things together in one handheld device that we clearly can’t get enough of. In the not too distant future however, what gadgets will improve our lives even further and become must haves? We’ve decided to predict what kind of gadgets we’ll all own over the next 30 years.



Although drones are currently popular today, outside of drone enthusiasts and companies, there use has not been massively widespread. We imagine that over the next decade, personal drones will become just that. Imagine waking up to your drones alarm clock each morning and chasing it around your room. You could have it keep an eye on your property while you’re at work and then help track, map and analyse your workouts each evening. The possibilities for these futuristic gadgets are endless and we imagine they’ll be playing a massive role in our future!


Image of a small drone resting on a table. Futuristic gadgets like drones are already a big part of our lives


Robot House Cleaners: 

Although drones may be useful for keeping your home safe in the future, asking them to clean your apartment top to bottom may be a step too far. Robot house cleaners will no doubt make menial house work a thing of the past. We already have products like the Roomba that can be programmed to hoover your home automatically and so futuristic gadgets for other household tasks are likely on the horizon! Combine these with smart fridges, smart lighting, voice assistants and soon our homes will soon become completely manageable from an app on our phones.



VR Gadgets: 

There are a wealth of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality products on the tech market today. None have quite become a must have for the masses though. With their use becoming more widespread in medicine, education and of course gaming, it’s clear that the true value of it will be unraveled in the next 20 years. Just imagine a children’s history class spent transported into the Jurassic period or the improvements that could be made in training services with lifelike scenarios being played out. When it comes to VR in the future, it could literally take us anywhere.


Image of a woman using a VR headset. Futuristic gadgets like these are already being improved upon each year


Narrative Clip Cameras: 

In our already selfie obsessed culture, would recording our whole lives on one continuous loop really be that much of a leap forward!? Go Pro’s, Dash cams and live video streaming on social media mean that for many of us, we’re already recording our daily narrative. In the future however, we may begin to record our entire lives as they happen. This will of course allow us to review those moments where our memories may fail us. It could also however, lead to a more sinister reality like the terrifying one portrayed in the Black Mirror episode, “The Entire History of You”.



Hoover boards: 

Ever since Marty McFly rode around on his hoover board in the then futuristic world of 2015 depicted in “Back To The Future”, many feel we’ve failed to deliver on the implied promise that there would be hoover boards for the masses. We nearly got there in 2015 with the two wheeled hoover board craze, but much like Mike Tyson below, these failed to really establish a “footing” among the general consumer. Will we see a true hover board below our feet in the next 30 years? We hope so, if even just for more “Fail Videos” like these.



The Tablet Bracelet: 

You may have seen some videos circulating on the internet about devices like these that essentially project a phone or tablet screen onto your arm from a bracelet. This projection is fully responsive to your touch meaning you can essentially have the use of a phone or tablet, but without needing the hardware device itself. One company that is spearheading this is “Cicret”. They released the concept video below in 2014 and it captivated people racking up 24,000,000 views since. Although this may only be in the development stage, we have no doubt that this type of product will go to market over the next 20 years.



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