Moves afoot to halt excessive roaming charges.european roaming chargesMobile roaming charges, when on holidays or abroad for whatever reason are a constant niggle in what should be an pleasant experience. The muted plans to rid us of them has been moving like molasses but the end is in sight with plans being put in place across the European Union with a firm date now outlined.

On the 28th of October 2015, a plan was approved in principle to end roaming fees for calls, texts and data across the European Union. This is expected to be done by the 15th of June 2017.

It is a progressive move and one that will see those who travel for both business and pleasure, able to do so without arriving home to hefty bills due to texting or calling from abroad or simply checking their email and Facebook.

Countries within the European Union have agreed to put measures in place that will see calling, texting and data as simple and as cheap as if you were to do so from home. Whilst the deadline is over eighteen months away, countries are already taking steps to see charges reduced. From the end of April next year, charges will be less than 5 cents for calls, 2 cents for texts and 2 cents for extra megabytes of data.

Good news for the weary traveller!