iphone 6 rumours

With the unveiling of the latest Apple craze getting closer on September 9, fans have been hitting forums in force with the annual buzz. iPhone 6 rumours have been no different.

Many of these were speculated over the summer, but which rumors have been confirmed? Gadgetinsurance.com brings you the latest information coming up to the launch.

1. There Will Be 2 Sizes Available:

Apple have confirmed that like its predecessor, The iPhone 6 rumours that the phone will be released in 2 versions is true. This can cause a rift in the fan base. For those who favour the larger “phablet” (phone/tablet) layout, there will be a 5.5 – inch model released. For fans who rather have a phone comfortably usable with one hand like previous generations, there will be a 4.7 – inch model. No confirmation yet on the memory capacity of each size.

2. NFC (Near feature Communications) Interface Payment Feature:

Wallets might become a thing of the past for Apple users. A small chip will allow anyone with an iPhone 6 to make payments for any product by simply applying their fingerprint to the screen via “TouchID”. This has caused a rift in the fan base who believe that such utilities are the way forward, while others argue with that happens when your phone battery dies along with all your money? Information is safe with the change from a 4 pin code to fingerprint scan however. Source.

3. IOS 8 Will Enable Wi-Fi Calling:

Jumping on the Viber and Skype bandwagon, Apple Insider confirmed that IOS 8 will allow any user with an internet connection to free call others similar to the iMessage function Apple boasts. It is unknown if this feature will produce higher quality calls than competitors. Source.

4. It Will Be The Slimmest iPhone Yet.

While the screen of the new model will certainly be up sized, its width will be scaled down as much as 6.9 mm from the 7.6 mm-thin iPhone 5S. While not confirmed, it is assumed that the camera will protrude slightly from the otherwise streamlined layout so as not to reduce quality.

The exact dimensions will be:

5.5 – inch: 158 × 78 × 7.1 mm and the weight of 184.6 grams.compared to the Samsung 3 Galaxy Note weighing 168 grams (16.6 grams difference)

4.7 – Inch: 138 × 66 × 6.9 mm. While weight has not been revealed yet, its main competitor the Samsung Galaxy 5S boasts  142 x 73 x 8.1 mm with a weight of 145 grams which Apple will most likely try to top. Source.

That’s all for now but with 5 days left until the big reveal, it’s likely more iPhone 6 rumours will be proved fact.iphone 6 rumours russian-leak

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