Are you dreading the upcoming secret Santa or stuck for a last minute stocking filler? Well fear not as we’ve devised this handy list of inexpensive gadget gift ideas that won’t have you frantically wrapping that last minute pair of socks or bottle of wine.


Tile Bluetooth Key Ring: 

Know someone who is constantly losing their keys? Well now that we live in the future, these kind of trivial inconveniences are a thing of the past. There are now a range of sophisticated Bluetooth key ring products that you can get without breaking the bank. These are connected to your phone and so can be tracked from anywhere. You can pick one up from around €15-€40 with one of the most impressive brands being one named called “tile”. These “tiles” can also be fixed to wallets, bags and even Teddy Bears as their amazing ad (that definitely didn’t make us cry) shows.



Bluetooth Speaker: 

Have a work colleague with woeful taste in music or someone who is obsessed with going to gigs, well then a Bluetooth speaker is always a great present. With many of them available from as little €15 euro, this is a gift that will always be appreciated even if what ends up being blasted from it isn’t.


Image of a white portable Bluetooth speaker. A Bluetooth speaker is the perfect gadget gift this Christmas


Portable Charger/Power bank: 

Have a friend who uses the “my phone was dead” excuse every other day after not messaging back. Well then a mobile power bank is a great gift to subtly remind them to stay contactable! It’s also perfect for someone who travels a lot with work or for fun. Again this is one of those presents that may not be massively exciting, but will certainly be used by whoever is the recipient. You can also pick up great quality models in phone shops for less than €15.


Image of a mobile power bank sitting on a desk beside a Macbook and smartwatch. A power bank is a great budget gadget gift


Smartphone Projector: 

This gift is ideal for anyone who spends all their free time watching Youtube tutorials, funny cat videos or endless episodes of the latest Netflix series. With one of these they can instantly turn their phone into a cinema like viewing experience. This model from Paladone gifts costs just €24.99 and can project a screen size of up to 40 inches. It also has access on the side for a charger so you can complete that last season in one foul swoop.



VR Headset: 

For an even more immersive viewing experience, you could look into buying a VR (Virtual Reality) Headset. As VR continues to grow, gamers, young children and even grandparents will all enjoy the novelty of VR over the Christmas dinner table. With heavy duty models still being overpriced for the less dedicated gamers among us, you can pick up alternatives like this one from Smyths Toys that is compatible with smartphones and retails for only €19.99. You’ll at the very least be guaranteed some laughs on Christmas morning if there’s one of these under the tree.



Fitness Tracker: 

As the “Fitbit” continues to dominate the fitness industry, there are now a number of alternative fitness trackers that can be purchased online at great prices. Does your boss walk or jog to work everyday? Have you a relative who’s new years resolutions include walking the dog twice as much, well then give them an extra push with a wearable tracker to chart their progress.


Image of a woman wearing a fitness tracker. A fitness tracker is a great gadget gift for anyone who is trying to get fit.


Mini Drone: 

Drones are also one of the most popular tech products of 2017 and will be top of a lot of peoples wish lists come Christmas. Although a lot of the professional models can set you back a whopping €1000, you can buy a mini drone for as little as €20 online that will be an exciting gift for any office colleague or friend. Just be careful when flying it inside the office or at home.


Image of a mini drone in mid flight. A mini drone is the perfect gadget gift for anyone this Christmas.


All of these gifts are sure to make you a hit with whioe who you are buying for this Christmas! With each costing less than €30, you’ll also have more money to treat yourself to some presents.

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