As the digital age continues to bring us a seemingly endless supply of products aimed at making our lives that little bit easier, there are a couple of cases where companies produce something a little out of the ordinary. We’ve decided to scan the depths of the internet to put together a list of some of our favourite bizarre gadgets that you can(and should) actually buy today.


The “Smart” Fork:

Are you one of those people who ends up eating your dinner that little bit too fast? Well not only can this be awkward if you’re having people over for a meal, it can be detrimental to your health. Studies in recent years have proven that eating your food too fast can damage your digestive system and even lead to you gaining weight. The HAPIfork is the best of these on the market as not only does it give the user gentle vibrations when they are eating too fast, it also tracks the time it takes to finish your meals and uploads these via Bluetooth so you can track your eating. These types of utensils may be common place in the next century, but for now you’ll still be ahead of the time. Below is a video explaining how it works.



The Selfie Toaster: 

In the selfie obsessed society that we live in today, this bizarre invention almost makes perfect sense. Upload your chosen image and this company will send you on the plate that will create endless amounts of toast in your likeness. What better way to start the day than with a poached egg on your own personalised toast. Who needs Facebook, when you can “post to your toast!”


Image of the selfie toaster. This is without a doubt one of the most bizarre gadgets we've ever seen

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The Smart Belt:

Like our friend the HAPIfork, the “Welt” is a smart belt that is able to monitor your waist as you wear it and identify trends and patterns that relate to your overall health and BMI. We’ve all had those heavy meals or drank too much causing a quick buckle adjustment, but the Welt is able to use algorithms to determine the difference between momentary natural bloating and an increase in body fat. This over time helps you manage your weight especially for those who work in formal office environments. What we like best about this product is that to the average person, it looks like a fashionable belt. It even has this suave product video below to showcase what it’s all about.



Somnox Robotic Pillow: 

This is one of the stranger items on our list and that’s saying something. The Somnox is a robotic “Spooning” device that not only tracks your sleeping patterns but it is the perfect sleeping partner. You can download lullabies, white noise and other soothing sounds to help you get your shut eye as well as tailored breathing noises to see you off. Spooning this is said to be one of the best possible ways to a better nights sleep and may start to become a big feature in homes of the future! What’s even better is it won’t snore or hog all the covers.



Hushme Voicemask: 

Work in a loud office environment? Are you constantly trying to find a quiet place for those sensitive phone calls? Well now you don’t have to with the HushME Voicemask. Looking like something from a bizarre 80s science fiction movie, these masks make it possible to muffle your important conversations. We’re imagining call centres and sales desks rolling these out in the near future to help with creating a less chaotic office environment but is the convenience worth looking this ridiculous for?


Image of the Hushme face mask. This mask is the perfectly bizarre gadget that will keep all of your secrets safe

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Furbo Dog Camera: 

This is one for the dog lovers and we think it’s absolutely brilliant! Do you live with the guilt of leaving your furry friends at home each day? Well now you can not only keep an eye on them while you’re at work, you can shoot them a quick treat to let them know you still care. We can see these becoming huge in the next ten years and office canteens being full of people showing each other their dogs over what will essentially become “Skype” for our pets.



Smart Hair Brush: 

Are you really surprised that this was coming? It’s hard to believe that among a smart fork and a selfie toaster, a smart hair brush would be our weirdest product! We had to check multiple times if the news about this one hadn’t been published on April 1st but we do indeed now live in a world that has a smart hair brush among us. Our hair is about to “go digital” as microphones, gyroscopes and accelerators all combine to track the speed, frequency and technique of our brushing to help prevent split ends and dryness. Of course this is all then tracked by an app on our phones that tailors certain products and routines to our hairs specific needs. What a time to be alive!



Although each and every one of these are life changers, we can’t help but feel like you won’t be rushing to buy that hushme or Hapifork just yet. If you’re the type to stick to the more mainstream gadgets instead, then make sure you have gadget insurance. We currently offer policies on a wide range of laptops, phones, tablets and other smart devices. If those robotic spooning pillows really take off, we’ll no doubt insure them in the future too.