Are you in the market for a new phone? It can be hard nowadays to even think about affording a quality phone without tying yourself into a two or even three year plan. These plans can then end up costing you more than double the initial cost of the handset while possibly giving you less than you need in those monthly data, call and text allowances. For many it can be worth taking the hit and buying either the latest iPhone or Samsung models as a long term investment. There are however, plenty of smartphones on the market today that may not be from the biggest brands with the shiniest marketing campaigns, but they will be more than capable of giving you what you need for less. We’ve put together the following list of our favourite best value smartphones for 2018.


OnePlus 5T: 

Heralded as possibly the most breakthrough company when it comes to providing top class phones for less, OnePlus have gained a lot of fans in recent years with both the 3 and now 5T incarnations (they skipped the number 4 as it’s thought to be unlucky in some Asian countries). These offer the usual features you would expect in the very best iPhone and Samsung models including powerful operating systems, crystal clear dual cameras and an incredible fast “dash charging” system. With prices ranging from €400-€500 it may be significantly cheaper than it’s main rivals, but it isn’t exactly a budget phone if that budget is tight.


Image of a Oneplus mobile phone and its original box. One plus offer some of the best value smartphones on the market


Iphone SE 

You may be surprised that the Apple brand makes an appearance on this list at all, but if you’re a big Apple fan working on a budget then this model is an appealing option. In a world of phones that look increasingly like iPads, this tidy 4inch SE model feels almost like a recent throwback with it’s sleek and pocket sized design. It combines the tech from the iPhone 6S and the design of the 5 to leave you with a powerful 12MP camera as well as 4K video functionality. With prices varying from €280-€400 depending on where you pick it up, it’s definitely great value in the current market.


HTC U11 Life: 

This is a slightly cheaper version of HTC’s flagship U11 model and goes for between €330 and €400 online. The phones unique selling point appears to be it’s “squeeze technology” which allows users to squeeze the sides of the phone to zoom for photos, take photos or interact with apps. Whether this gimmick is enough to make up for some of it’s other technical shortcomings, is yet to be seen. Check out this detailed review below from PhoneArena.



Nokia 6: 

It seems like a lifetime ago when everyone had a “Nokia Blockia” in their pocket! Well now you can rekindle your love for the brand but through this latest mid range model. The phone’s most notable feature is that of it’s powerful rear and front camera (16MP and 8MP respectively) along with that all important 4K video shooting capacity. You can also record split screen videos using both the front and back facing lenses and upload these directly to Facebook and YouTube Live. The phone also prides itself on being “built like a tank” with Corning Gorilla Glass and a durable aluminium body. You can get this phone from a healthy €175 to €250.


Image of a Nokia Smartphone with headphones in it's headphone jack. Nokia now offer some great value smartphones in the tech market


Huawei Honor 6X:

Huawei are the parent company of their phone brand “Honor” and they have been carving out a segment of the market with their high powered budget phones of the last few years. One of their best models that you can still buy for a great price is the Honor 6X. This phone is known for it’s incredible battery life (1.5 days on heavy usage) and it’s dual camera that was ahead of it’s time and includes all of the sophisticated photo techniques that you can expect from flagship smartphones of today. You can pick the 6X up online for between €150-€200 making it one of the best value models on our list.


Motorola G5S Plus 

Motorola is another name that seems draped in nostalgia when thinking about mobile phones. The company continues to operate in the market though and regularly launches budget mid range smartphones. Their latest introduction came in August 2017 with the “Moto G5S Plus”. Again the camera features of this budget phone appear to be consistent with that of more expensive phones and users benefit from both a 13MP rear camera and an 8MP front camera. It also looks incredibly similar to the latest Google, Samsung and iPhone handsets that cost nearly 4 times the price. Check out the review video from Android Authority below for more. Prices range from €250-€300



Each of these options have their own benefits as well as drawbacks but they might just offer you more value for money than one of the pricey flagship brand models available today. No matter how much you spend on your new phone, don’t forget to protect it with a great value gadget insurance policy.