With what seems to us like weekly smartphone launches, it can be hard to keep up with what makes or models really give you the best features for the right price. Recently, we spoke about the highly publicised launches of both the iPhone X and the Samsung S9 and the various ways in which these companies promoted themselves as being at the cutting edge when it comes to their smartphone cameras and imaging technology. However, recently there has been a somewhat quieter launch of a phone that DXOMARK, have hailed as officially the best smartphone camera they have ever tested. The phone we are talking about is not from Apple or Samsung but Chinese tech company Huawei’s. The phone we’re talking about is the HuaweiP20 Pro.



With 2017 being the year of the “dual lens” for smartphone cameras, Huawei have gone one better with the P20 Pro by encompassing a “triple lens”! The lenses combine a 20MP monochrome lens, an 8MP telephoto lens and a 40MP RGB colour lens bringing users an unrivaled high resolution of colours, features and sharpness. Huawei clearly believe that this will set it apart from their competition. One of the camera’s most interesting moves however is that “Huawei” have teamed up with “Leica” to produce this triple lens. Leica are a camera company that are synonymous with their high quality lenses and so a collaboration like this makes a lot of sense in the current market. These types of collaborations by big smartphone producers may be something we begin to see a lot more of in the future.


Image of a vintage Leica camera with lens cap. The Huawei collaboration with Leica has developed the best smartphone camera on the market


What this collaboration really means for the uninformed consumer, is that those Snapchats, Instagram stories and other photos and videos you capture on the go will be clearer, better stabilized, sharper in the right areas. Better still they will deliver unparalleled quality even in badly lit surroundings. Although similar models from other brands promise this kind of functionality, it’s clear from the DXOMARK ratings that they rate the P20 Pro higher than it’s mainstream competitors. The zoom features on this camera are also superior to that of the Google Pixel 2, iPhone X and Samsung S9+. The front camera comes with a powerful sensor, a whopping 24MP resolution and a portrait lighting feature that allows you to take your “selfie game” to new heights.


Image of a cameras aperture closing. The aperture of the new Huawei Pro 20 is part of the reason why it's considered to be the best smartphone on the market


Huawei haven’t forgotten about packing this model with cutting edge video features either. It allows users to shoot at 960fps super slo mo in a way that is almost identical to that of the Samsung S9 and S9+. One of the cameras more differentiating  features is that it allows you to take quick pictures by pressing down the volume key twice.This feature works even when the phone is locked and makes it easier to capture those more candid moments. Other than it’s clear focus on the camera, the phone itself looks just as sleek as its contemporaries. It runs off the latest android operating system and packs similarly sized RAM (6GB) and ROM (128GB) as the iPhone X and Samsung S9+ models. It also offers users a fast charge option that will rival the “dash charge” system of recent Oneplus smartphones.


Image of a smartphone charging cable. Despite having the best smartphone camera in the market, the Huawei P20 Pro also has a fast charge feature


When it comes to price, the P20 pro doesn’t come cheap. This isn’t some budget flagship phone like the OnePlus and won’t save you a massive amount of money over one of the better known smartphones out there. When buying the phone sim free, it’s comparable to that of the S9 (€860) at a cool €899. This is still of course significantly less than the iPhone X that still retails from over €1,150. In the ultra competitive world of Smartphones however, will it be worth shelling out nearly €1,000 for a phone from a brand that fewer people are familiar with and even fewer can pronounce? Time will tell but for now at least, the Huawei can sit comfortably at the top of the pile when it comes to “smartphonography”.



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