With many of our favorite gadgets getting shinier, thinner and featuring larger screens than ever before, manufacturers still have a lot of work to do with making these devices durable enough for the rough and tumble of daily life. Whether you’re taking your smartphone hiking, working remotely on your laptop or buying an iPad for your kids, having a water and drop proof protective case is an essential purchase. With so many of these on the market however, it can be difficult to buy one that will give you the correct level of protection, without costing you the earth. We’ve put together a list of the best protective cases and the brands that you should spend your money on.


Otterbox (Smartphone, Tablet): 

Perhaps one of the best known protective case brands, Otterbox creates market leading products for all of the popular smartphones. They also offer a massive range of designs from folio cases to glass screen protectors. All of their cases are drop resistant with some also offering dust resistance and slots for your credit/ID cards. Prices on phone cases start from €29.99 (around €24.99). Check out their ad below that showcases it’s versatility in an array of situations.



Spigen (Smartphone, Tablet, Smartwatch): 

If you’re looking for the protection levels of the Otterbox at a slightly lower price, then the Spigen Armour case range is perfect. Their phone cases also come in a greater range of designs than other competitors for the more creative phone user. A lot of their standard models also include a slide out stand on the back that allows you to prop your phone up on it’s side and record yourself or take pictures hands free. Spigen also has a range of cases for Apple Watch products. Prices on their phone products start from €24.99 (or roughly €19.99). Check out their iPhone X cases in their official launch video below.



Targus (Tablet): 

Targus has been a popular brand in the US computer accessories and bags market since the 1980s. It has now evolved to offer a massive range of laptop bags, charging products and other modern accessories. Where it really shines however is in its protective cases for all types of tablets. They supply cases for bigger brands like Apple and Samsung but also less popular brands such as Lenovo and Acer. They also provide cases with built in keyboards so you can turn your tablet into an on the go desktop. Prices for these Ipad cases start at around €44.99 (€39.99).


Image of someone using a stylus to write on an iPad. Targus offer some of the best protective cases on the market for tablets.


Gumdrop Hideaway (Tablet and Laptop): 

Known for their funky designs and diverse range of colour choices, the Gumdrop Hideaway cases are a popular choice for parents who want to protect their children’s iPads from drops, spills and other accidents. Many of their products come complete with a stand build into the back to allow for an easy viewing or work station. You can also buy accessories such as a hand strap that will help you with presentations, business meetings or using your tablet “out in the field”. Prices start from $29.99 (approx €24.99) for an iPad Air case. You can see just how easy they are to install in the below video from their official YouTube channel.



Supcase (Tablet):  

With a wide range of covers for all types of tablets, the “Supcase” offers Tablet covers that include a built in screen protector for Ipad pro models. This means that even the clumsiest of owners can be protected against spills, drops and cracks while not interfering with the responsiveness of the screen itself. With a price of $35 (roughly €29.99), this may offer you the best protection at a really good price.


Image of an iPad standing on its protective cover stand. Supcase are a brand that offer similar products and make some of the best protective cases available


Belkin Snap Shield (Tablet and Laptops): 

The Snap Shield from Belkin offers one of the easiest ways to protect your tablet or laptop. They are build to the exact measurements of your preferred device and literally “snap” around them to ensure they don’t add any unnecessary bulk. They also don’t cover any of the charging or headphone ports and each model has small retractable feet on the bottom to allow you to adjust the keyboard angle when working.


Image of the Belkin Snap Shield Laptop cover. These covers are lightweight and very easy to use making them one of the best protective cases for those who don't like bulky covers



Urban Armour Gear (Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet): 

The products from Urban Armour Gear are like something from an army base. They look like they’re made from the spare parts of tanks and their collections hold intimidating names like “Trooper”, “Outback” and “Pathfinder”. These are perhaps the most heavy duty gadget protectors on our list and with their phone covers starting at $59.99 (approx €50.00) and laptop covers retailing from $79.99 (just over €70), you’ll pay for this added durability. Although these covers may look too clunky for some, their added thickness and resistant bumpers make them a great investment. The video below illustrates just how they work in even the toughest terrains.



Whether you decide to invest in a screen protector or a multilayered gadget case from any of the above brands, sometimes more serious accidents or spills can cause damage. To protect your phone against any eventuality including loss and theft get a great value gadget insurance policy from Gadgetinsurance.com.