The health and fitness industry has always been notorious for the spread of diet fads, bizarre workout routines and those infamous fitness videos that started in the 80s. Now that we live in a more digital age however, there has been a boom in the number of mobile apps that claim they can make users fitter, stronger, healthier and an all round better version of yourself. Although most of those claims are clearly false, there are some apps available for Android and IOS devices that can (when used correctly) enhance your overall exercise activity and nutrition to help you towards your fitness goals. Through online research, personal use and user ratings, we believe the following health and fitness apps are well worth looking into.



My fitness pal:

Firstly, you’ll need to understand what kinds of foods will help you reach your goal. “Myfitnesspal” is an app from sports brand Under Armour that is hugely popular among fitness professionals. Once you input your current height/weight etc and type in your goal, it will determine the daily calories (and food groups etc) that will help you to reach this over time in a safe and sustained manner. You can then input your daily food items into the app and it will track these against your daily allowances. It even allows you to scan the bar-codes of most food items so you can be sure of exactly what you’re eating and its various nutritional values. By being consistent within these guidelines and logging in everyday, you will be able to have a strong food diary to go along with any exercise you’re undertaking. The app is free to download for IOS and Android and has a premium version also available.


Cooking Apps:

Knowing what you need to be eating is one thing, but this does little to help someone who can barely whip up a slice of toast in the kitchen. Thankfully, there are an array of cooking apps out there that can help you with preparing the types of meals that will fuel your daily exercises. Apps like “Sidechef” give you the opportunity to discover healthy recipes but more importantly will give you step by step voice commands to prepare it as you go. This means you can cook with ease and not have to continuously stop what you’re doing to scroll through that now covered in bolognese sauce cookbook or phone screen.



HIIT Apps:

High Intensity Interval Training is now one of the most popular ways of getting fit and healthy in the fitness world. It uses a series of exercises designed to increase your heart rate. This in turn burns calories quickly and improves your fitness with every session. These types of exercises also work on short intervals meaning that you can get an intense session done in well under 30 minutes. This quick 7 minute workout HIIT app from “Johnson and Johnson” has over 2,000,000 downloads and offers users video tutorials, personalised programmes and workouts that can be done anywhere.


Step Tracker:

For those of us who aren’t into sweaty gyms, intense workouts or just wan’t to lead a slightly more active daily routine then a step counter or pedometre app is perfect. This popular pedometre app (from the same team as MyFitness pal) will allow you to track both your steps and the calories you burn as you go. From walking to work, taking the stairs or just bringing the dog out for an evening stroll, you’ll be surprised how much you’ll start to push yourself when you begin to see those daily steps increase.



Community Apps:

Accountability can be the hardest part of getting yourself fit. It gets easy to skip a workout, disregard your diet and even pack the whole thing in if you’re only depending on yourself. Having a friend to share your journey with will not only help you track your progress but it will give you that extra level of accountability as you won’t want to let them down. If you’re not lucky enough to have that someone in your life, there is an increasing number of apps that can provide something similar. Apps like “PumpUp” are community based fitness apps where users can encourage each other and share their workouts and meals. You can also learn from the other people on the platform who may be athletes, personal trainers and other experts as they share out their own daily updates.



Again, we stress that you do your own research when it comes to health and fitness apps but these are just some of the ones we feel might help you along with your goals. Something we can definitely be sure of helping you with though is if you damage your phone in the middle of one of the above workouts or an intense cooking session. You can get great value gadget insurance for phones, smartwatches and tablets when on our website.