Online dating has changed significantly over the last few years. We’ve gone from viewing dating sites as some sort of desperate last gasp attempt at finding someone to now being the norm when it comes to the dating scene. “Digital Dating” has now become so popular that the idea of people meeting through apps no longer has much of a stigma attached to it. With a lot of us spending up to three hours a day on our mobile phones, and leading busy lives offline too, it can be hard to find the time to meet people.



This week, we set out to find the best dating apps on the market. From the more established apps to the somewhat obscure choices, we’ve done the hard work so we can act as cupid and point you in the right direction in search of a significant other. Although we can’t promise that the following apps will deliver you your hearts desire, they’re most certainly a good place to start:



Possibly the most well known dating apps, Tinder and Grindr use geo-location targeting to allow you to “browse” men or women in your area who could be potential dates. You can adjust the settings to filter by distance and age and once both partners express their interest (by swiping based on their profile and bio) they can “match” each other you can begin talking. These apps have quickly become the go to app for singletons looking to date people in their areas and both show no signs of slowing down.



Bumble aims to turn conventional dating on it’s head by letting the girl make the first move. This is particularly useful for men who may not be used to asking females out on dates. Women should act quick however as if they don’t make contact with their match within the first 24 hours, it will be erased.



EHarmony and Other Web Dating Sites: 

EHarmony, Eliste Singles and other dating sites that have been around before they were apps are more based around matching people due to their personality traits. A lot of these sites are subscription based and can end up costing people a hefty sum each year. These type of sites are for the more serious dater who may be out there in search of a quality partner over a quantity of possible dates. Bare this in mind if you’re considering signing up.



Happn is another app that sounds a lot more romantic than it realistically ends up being. It matches you with people you may have walked by that also use the app. This idea that you may just stroll past the love of your life while out and about each day is what the app trades off but it’s range is limited to a proximity of 250 metres which can severely limit your potential matches.




OkCupid is one of the newer and more obscure entries to the list and matches you and your potential partner based off matching your answers to a number of random questions with that of your ideal partner. Although the app is free it also has functionality to allow people to send inbox messages to anyone on the platform. This can result in unsolicited messages from random people meaning your chances of finding someone serious is slim.


Although none of these apps can guarantee success on the dating scene, they can certainly expand your horizons when it comes to seeing who’s out there. If you’re out of luck in love this Valentines day, you can fall in love with our 10% discount on Gadget Insurance Annual Policies! Just enter code GVAL18 until midnight on the 14th of Feb 2018.