Apple offices in CupertinoApple is going to announce…something… on Wednesday.

So that time of the year has rolled around again! The children have returned to school and Apple has the largest conference centre in San Francisco booked for their big event. This big event has been held every September for the previous five years and usually hails the introduction of the ‘latest and greatest’ from Apple.

The program usually includes both new products and updates to software across both mobile and desktop platforms. For the past two years in succession, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc has taken to the stage and announced the next iPhone. This year is expected not to be any different.

The new iPhones are not likely to be the only announcements from Apple Inc at this event, if the rumours from the company’s Cupertino headquarters are to be believed. If the Silicon Valley reports are accurate, we can expect announcements on new iPads, iPad mini’s and a significant refresh and upgrade to Apple TV.

The keynote event starts on Wednesday 9th of September 2015 at 5pm GMT (that’s 1pm US Eastern Standard Time or 10am Pacific Time if you are reading this in the USA!). If you would like to tune in live to the event, it is being streamed live at this link.

So what can we expect?

Announcements are expected across a number of devices, namely the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch and the iOS9 operating system. So let’s see what we might expect from each.

iPhoneIOS glitch

The main event on Wednesday will inevitably be two new iPhones. Going on previous years, the devices are likely to be called the iPhone ‘6S’ and the iPhone ‘6S Plus’. Externally, the devices are rumoured to be slightly thicker according to leaked images of the prototypes. Following on from the ‘Force Touch’ introduced on the Apple watch earlier in the year, this feature is likely to make its introduction on the new iPhones. The idea behind ‘Force Touch’ is that the phone will be able to detect when you are pressing down harder on the screen which will introduce features, specific actions or menus.

An improved rear camera is expected with resolution being improved from 8 megapixels to 12 megapixels and an improvement on the quality of video capture too. For those of you who love the odd ‘selfie’, the front camera is rumoured to be getting an improvement too. Other stuff rumoured are an introduction of new colours for the phones and the usual ‘bump’ in processor power too.

Apple TVApple TV

Apple TV has been somewhat neglected by Apple for the past three years, with no mention of updates or changes to the device in that time. Whilst the device did a great job streaming TV shows and movies that has been it! All that may be about to change. The introduction of an app store allowing the creation of Apple TV apps allowing apps to be added to your TV in the same way as you have apps on your iPhone or iPad. We are not quite sure what that might look like but suffice to say, this alone would be a marked improvement.

The navigation of Apple TV is a bit ‘clunky’. An appearance by Siri on Apple TV may change all that. Being able to ‘speak’ to your TV to find a movie would be a great improvement.

A new remote control device for Apple TV is also rumoured and may even have Siri built in! Hit a button and speak to your remote – how cool would that be? It may even have a trackpad to allow gaming, but let’s wait and see.

The usual other stuff that goes with a product refresh after three years is likely too. The device is likely to get slimmer and have an improved processor and storage.

The iPad family


There has been talk for nearly a year of a ‘larger’ iPad. This may be announced on Friday to get in on the Christmas market. Will it be called the iPad Pro? This would be in keeping with the naming conventions of its other computing devices such as the Macbook Pro and Mac Pro.

As a high end tablet device, it is expected to be BIG. Well expected to have a bigger screen anyway akin to laptop sizes, so maybe nearly 13 inches. It more than likely will have additional ports for office connectivity and be more powerful than the existing range of iPads. It may even come with a stylus, despite that idea not being received well by Steve Jobs, Apple Inc former CEO.

It remains to be seen as to how Apple will pitch this device and were they see it sitting within the current product range. Moreover, consumers will ultimately decide whether they need the device or not!

The mini iPad range of tablets is expected to get an increase in processing power and be made thinner and more portable. iPad Mini 4 anyone?

Apple WatchApple-Watch-Hands-On

With the Apple Watch turning one, having been announced in September last year but not being on sale until April, any big updates are unlikely. Maybe some new watch straps in different colours but that would probably be it.


Apple announced the newer version of the operating system in June but the release date was never given. We can probably expect the release date on Wednesday.

So that’s it! That’s what we think the people at Apple Inc have in store for us at the event on Wednesday from Cupertino, California. Expect the rumour mill to go into overdrive between now and then. Only Tim Cook and the other guys at Apple really know what is coming on Wednesday. Let’s wait and see…………………


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