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Gadgetinsurance.com Get’s it’s hands on the top phones for 2015

Despite it seeming like a new fancy phone is out every week now, 2 phones always manage to grab everyone’s attention and it’s not HTC or Microsoft.
Apple’s iPhone 6 and Samsung’s S6 cast a very large shadow over all other handsets. But which one comes out on top? Gadgetinsurance.com looked extensively at both models.
If you still haven’t decided which phone your heart belongs to, fear not. Gadgetinsurance.com has weighed the pros and cons of what you would actually use these phones for mostly. Firstly let’s look at:

1. The Camera
Arguably the most important feature on a smart phone today, so you will want to have a good one for all those Snapchat stories. The iPhone 6 boasts an 8 megapixel camera, nothing to laugh off certainly. Unfortunately the Apple Titan loses out compared to the S6’s 16 megapixel camera. This allows much sharper and vivid photos overall.

One exception to take into account is the iPhone’s slow-motion feature which is great to play around with.

2. The Screen
The Samsung’s 5.1 inch screen dwarfs Apples 4.7 inch display. Judging by pixel per inch (for the tech geeks among us), the S6’s screen rates 25% higher than the iPhone 6

This is disregarding the iPhone 6 Plus, which dwarfs everything. We’re focusing on the standard model in this comparison.

3. Design
Both phones follow the smooth and sleek design that seems to be a trend recently. Personally we prefer the iPhone 6’s design but we shall leave that up to your preferences.

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4. Battery life
Let’s face it. We aren’t expecting the charge once for three months use we got back with the old Nokia 3210. Smartphones have a knack for drinking up battery life. Gadget Insurance tested both phones which seemed to rank evenly.

Both lasted till about the end of the day with average use. If you’ve used an iPhone or Samsung model before you will get no surprises here.

5. Apps
The struggle for more availability in apps between Apple and Android phones has been ongoing for years. However many app developers are recognising that the iPhone is becoming the standard work mobile phone and as such have started focusing more to them.

Of course with more successful apps you’re going to find them available for both devices. For newer releases and more choice, Apple stands out in this category.

6. Wireless Payment
Apple went big marketing their “Apple Pay” feature and it’s most likely going to become a norm in future smart phones. Apple Pay is secure and simple to use.

Simply swiping your phone over a scanner allows you to pay instantly. The iPhone definitely gets a few points with this handy feature.

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7. Accessories
If you are planning on buying an Apple Watch you need an iPhone. Admittedly it is annoying that the newest Apple tech requires you have another device under their name.

Samsung has a nifty wireless charging feature. If you have been to Ikea lately you will see there is a trend of “wireless charging furniture”. The idea of charging your phone with your couch and no chords really appeals to us.

8. Memory
The Samsung S6 comes with 32 GB internal storage which is more than the cheapest iPhone 6 model (16GB) which is essentially useless with Apple’s memory consuming software updates.

On top of this, you can expand on the S6’s storage capacity with memory cards. This feature is somewhat alien to Apple devices.
So there you have it. Both phones have their weak and strong points. Both are amazing devices. For Gadgetinsurance.com the Samsung S6 comes out slightly on top with its better camera/screen and expandable memory so you don’t have to delete any photos.

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