‘Early 2015’ Might Be Earlier Than We Thought

Apple has consistently teased that the Apple Watch’s launch would be in ‘early 2015’. More details have surfaced on how that might play out. 9505Mac’s Mark Human who has a consistently accurate reporting on apple news, came out saying that the Apple Watch will launch in March. retail training set to start out in mid-February



According to Gurman, Apple is currently at work finalizing the Watch’s software, and the company has also been working to optimize and improve battery life as well as its inductive charging mechanism. It’s worth noting that Gurman stresses these are the current plans and that the launch could slip — but if Apple wants to meet the “early 2015” timeframe that it has been shooting for, late March is about as far as they could wait before missing its publicly stated plans.

Apple has often made big announcements on this day in years past. And while both of these stories fall squarely in the rumor department, Gurman’s track record means they’re at the very least worth keeping an eye on.