Today is the day that the iPad Pro goes on sale in more than forty countries.

The success of the next evolution iPad in the shape of the ‘Pro’ will be shaped today. Coincidentally, today is considered the busiest shopping day, known as ‘Singles Day’ in China too. Singles Day was an idea started by retail giant Alibaba in 2009. And its huge!

Celebrity heavyweights weigh in with Kevin Spacey AKA Frank Underwood of House of Cards fame on Netflix even recording a message to prospective purchasers. And even James Bond himself, Daniel Craig, appeared on stage with Alibaba chairman Jack Ma. Suffice to say no expense was spared for this online bonanza.

To give you an idea of the scale of the operation, Alibaba says it still plans to deploy 1.7 million delivery personnel, 400,000 vehicles, 5,000 warehouses, and 200 airplanes to take care of package deliveries. Consumers had spent close to $6 billion in the first 90 minutes of Singles Day according to the company. Of that $6 billion dollar spend, 75% is spent on mobile phones! I know, its hard to comprehend the numbers!

Perhaps Apple are trying to get a piece of that action too and that is the reason for the launch today coinciding with Singles Day. With the popularity of the iPhone in China and 75% of the 6 billion dollars being spent on mobile phones, well, you do the math. We ‘re off to buy some Apple shares…….!

You can read more about the mind blowing numbers here in this article published in the Telegraph today.