The new research carried out on behalf of Eircom by Behaviour & Attitudes, reveals that 53 per cent of Irish people now own a smartphone.imagesCAV1CZFC

There are 1.7 million smartphone users in Ireland with 25 per cent of people also having access to a tablet.

A third of Irish people admit to not being able to keep up with new technology. As part of the survey 33 per cent of people ( 75 per cent for those aged over 65 and 7 per cent for young people between 16 and 24) agreed with the statement, “I just don’t understand computers and new technology.”

Smartphone users have an average of 21 apps with a massive 75 per cent of smartphone users have the Facebook app on their phone.

The rise of ‘media stacking’ is one of the major features of the survey with 74 per cent of 16-24 year olds saying they often post or tweet on a different topic while watching TV.

The research also contains some interesting figures about how mobile technology has altered the habits of society. For example:

  • Half of 16-34s feel they do not need to ‘look something up in a dictionary’.
  • 39 per cent of smartphone users admit being ‘economical’ with the truth on social media.
  • 22 per cent admit to using social media to ‘spy’ on the activity of others.

Mobile users were also asked ‘have you ever?’ committed the following:

  • 44 per cent admitted to calling or texting someone they shouldn’t have while drunk.
  • 55 per cent take or make calls, texts or emails while on a toilet.
  • 67 per cent have walked into something while checking your mobile.

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