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Infographic shows that 2.37m Irish people – 70pc of the population – use smartphones, up from 39pc of the population in 2012.

Source: 70pc of Irish population now owns a smartphone (infographic)

Have you got a smartphone? If not, then you are in the minority of people in Ireland. Almost two and half million of us now carry these clever little devices in our pocket and, if we are honest, our phone is never more than a few inches away from us.

Since 2012 to 2015 this represents a huge increase and adoption of smartphones allowing us to plug our lives into them. From Facebook to Finances, from Whats App to watching movies, we are all using our smartphones for many different things depending on our circumstances.

Kids are SnapChatting and playing Crossy Road, adults are checking bank balances and keeping an eye on their fitness levels through their phones, measuring everything from their BMI to how many steps they take.

The older generation have moved from computers to their smartphones, having been forced onto Facebook to see what their grandchildren are up to. Their adoption of this smart technology has grown in 12 months from 6% to 39% whilst laptop usage has remained constant without increase.

So have you got yours? Would you be lost without it?

Gadget leads the way in insuring gadgets in Ireland and we take the risk out of losing or damaging your smartphone with insurance for your device.

Contact today to insure your smartphone, tablet or other device. You can visit or call our customer service centre on (01) 2478955 if you are in the Republic of Ireland or 0333 355 0254 if calling from the United Kingdom.

Have peace of mind that your gadget is insured and always back up regularly so that you have all your memories in a safe place.

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