1. Look your subject in the eye

Direct eye contact can be as engaging in a picture as it is in real life. When taking a picture of someone, hold the camera at the person’s eye level.  All by itself that eye level angle will create a personal and inviting feeling that pulls you into the picture.

2. Move in close

If your subject is smaller than a car, take a step or two closer before taking the picture and zoom in on your subject. Your goal is to fill the picture area with the subject you are photographing. Up close you can reveal telling details, like a sprinkle of freckles or an arched eyebrow. Don’t get too close or your pictures will be blurry.

3 Move it from the middle

Centre-stage is a great place for a subject to be. However, the middle   of your picture is not necessarily the best place. Bring your picture to life  by simply moving your subject away from the middle of your picture.

4 Know your flash’s range

The number one flash mistake is taking pictures beyond the flash’s range. Pictures taken beyond the maximum flash range will be too dark. For many cameras, the maximum flash range is less than fifteen feet, about five steps away. Check it out in your camera manual

5. Try an Interesting Angle

Instead of shooting the object straight on, try  looking down to the object, or crouching and looking up. Pick an angle that  shows maximum colour and minimum shadow. An uncommon angle makes a more interesting shot.

6 Focus Focus Focus

Poor focusing is one of the most common ways that  photographs are ruined. Use the automatic focus of your camera.

7 Use the flash – even outdoors

When taking people pictures on sunny days, turn your flash on. Bright  sun can create unattractive deep facial shadows. Eliminate the shadows by  using your flash to lighten the face.


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