Every summer, we spend our days either planning sun kissed holidays abroad or pray for some glorious days of sun at home. Whether we find ourselves on a beach at home or away, there are now many different gadgets that can make our day by sea even more enjoyable! From the clever to the down right odd, we’ve put together a list of brilliant beach gadgets that you and your friends have to buy this summer.


Sand Free Mat:

One thing that people regularly complain about while at the beach is that “Sand gets everywhere”. Although it’s fair to assume that this may occur on a stretch of land made entirely from sand, with modern technology we may have finally found an answer to this problem. There are now a number of “sand free” beach mats that are made so that the sand slips through leaving you with a relatively clear surface to lie on or eat lunch with friends.



Smart Cooler: 

Keeping yourself hydrated in the baking heat of the sun can be an exhausting part of any day spent at the beach. For years, people have lugged their cumbersome coolers to the beach so they can get some slight relief from the conditions with some drinks and food. Lugging a heavy cooler could now be a thing of the past as you can now make your very own DIY “Follow me” cooler. With some technical know how and a guide from two engineers at “Hacker House”, your carrying days are over. Check out the video below for more on how you can make it happen.




Now that you have your sand free mat or air couch set down while that automated cooler follows from close behind, all that’s left to get that beach party started is some music. A waterproof, durable and portable Bluetooth speaker is a must buy for any holiday or even a day spent by the beach. There’s literally 100s of these on the market and they can be picked up from as little as €20.


Image of a portable Bluetooth speaker. Beach gadgets like these can make your beach visit even more memorable


Scuba Gadget: 

For those of you who have experience with snorkeling or scuba diving, this invention will be something that gets you excited. There are now a number of “tankless” scuba diving solutions that will let you enjoy a scuba like experience, without having to worry about all of the heavy equipment and gear. The “Air Buddy” featured in the video below allows divers to breath under water for up to 45 minutes while packing up small enough to bring on your travels.



Phone Case (For Undersea Selfies): 

If you went to the beach but you didn’t post about it on social media, were you actually there at all? We now share nearly every part of our lives through our phones and so a day at the beach is the perfect time to spam your friends with constant updates. With the recent boom in the mobile accessories market, there are a number of fully waterproof phone housings that mean you can take those selfies under the sea with you. You can get waterproof phone pouches from around €10 or invest in an expensive hard case product like the LenzO below.



Solar Powered Charger: 

With your phone snapping underwater pics and that portable speaker reeling off a playlist of your favourite songs, keeping these beach gadgets powered all the way till sunset can be a challenge in itself. That’s where having a solar powered power bank will come in handy. Just leave it out in the sun and whenever you need it just hook it up to your phone, camera or other devices. You can pick these up for just €15 and thankfully for those living in cooler climates, most of them work in over-cast conditions too!


Image of a solar powered power bank. Solar powered items are essential when it comes to buying beach gadgets

Image Via: Halfords.ie 


These gadget will no doubt make any trip to the beach that little bit sweeter this summer. Check out our own sweet deals on gadget insurance to make sure that if your most valuable gadgets get damaged, you’re covered. You can get a quick quote now by visiting our website.