iphone 6 tricks

Since it’s hugely successful launch and with Christmas just around the corner, it looks like everyone’s going to be sporting an iPhone 6 in 2016. Want to stay ahead of the curve of how to get the most out of your phone? Gadget Insurance Blog brings you the hints and tricks that you probably don’t know!


1. Turn on the Accessibility Feature For Young Children

Everyone has had a child at one point ask to “play games on your phone”. While you hesitantly search your brain for excuses such as “the battery is low, sorry.” If however you find yourself in a position when you must surrender your expensive phone that’s far too big for tiny hands, try this handy tip. You can set the phone to limited accessibility so that no data can be accidentally deleted or edited. to do this, access your settings and click on the ‘General’ tab. Then select ‘Accessibility’. The  you can ‘enable ‘Guided Access’ on your device. Now all that’s left to do is to watch them like a hawk for any chance of them dropping it.

2. Enable Longer Passcodes

With the Apple iCloud security scandal still fresh on our minds, protecting your data has become a very important issue. One of the easiest ways to protect your files is to create longer codes for that are much harder to crack.. Disable the default ‘Simple Passcode’ setting, which restricts you to a basic four number sequence. Go to  ‘Settings’ and clicking on ‘General’, before accessing ‘Passcode Lock’ and making your change.


iphone 6 tricks

3. Use an iPhone 6 With One Hand

The iPhone 6 is the largest iPhone yet. For the Reachability function, double tap on the home button. Don’t press it fully, a light double tap will suffice. The iPhone screen will drop down allowing you to each the higher up apps without clumsily shifting your phone in your hand. To return it to normal simply double tap the home button again.

 4. Ask Siri on how to Pronounce Certain Words

Siri, your very own personal assistant. However, sometimes she has a hard time pronouncing certain words due to her natural language interface. For users with significantly “thicker” accents, simply correct her. No we mean it, it’s that easy. Once Siri mispronounces a word while answering a question, tell her  ‘That is not how you pronounce’ a specific word’. She will correct her error and reveal a list of alternative words that you can select from.

5. Use Siri as a Central Entertainment Platform

Siri is also connected to a host of online services. Used correctly, she can be your ultimate entertainment platform. She can access and relay sports scores, cinema listings, restaurants etc. All that you need to do is enable Location Services in your ‘Privacy’ settings and the iPhone automatically gathers this information through GPS software.


2. Delete Individual Notifications from Notification Center

All day long alerts pile up in the Notification Center, and clearing them out used to be an all-or-nothing affair. Sometimes we don’t want to get rid of every notification a specific app has sent us, and now we don’t have to: In iOS 8 you can swipe left to reveal a delete button for each individual notification.

6. Use Siri to Establish Relationships

Siri can not only answer questions, she can help you to establish relationships with your connections. By activating Siri and explaining to her your relationship with a certain contact (e.g Boss, boy/girlfriend, Mother/Father), Once you have instructed Siri on the relationship, simply say ‘Yes’ to confirm. Make sure to pronounce the contacts name very clearly how it is spelled in your phone.

7. Recover Deleted Photos

Deleting a photo doesn’t remove it completely all together. it sends it to the “Deleted Album”. It may sound confusing that there’s a folder dedicated to files that you want permanently erased. However there are a limited number of days the phone has in this folder before it’s removed completely. If you’ve decided that you don’t want to delete that embarrassing photo from last night after all, tap on them in the deleted folder and hit ‘Recover’.

 8.Take a Series of Images Simultaneously

We all know that the iPhone 6 has an excellent camera. It was the headlight of their marketing campaign. If you are serious about capturing your perfect photo.Hold down the shutter button when capturing the picture. A series of photographs will be taken for you to choose from.

iphone 6 tricks

9. Access the New iOS 8 Time Lapse Guide

Another major selling point by Apple was Time Lapse. Similar to the point before, you can set you camera to take a certain amount of photos in between certain intervals of time. It’s a handy feature to showcase something similar to a stop motion film. To activate this feature, swipe left along the tabs at the bottom of the camera and you will see ‘Time Lapse’. You will be shown a clock dial from which you can choose when the camera should capture images.

10. Hide embarrassing photos

We’ve all been in the situation when we’re showing a photo on our phones to friends. Suddenly…what are they doing? They’re swiping through your album! One of the unspoken rules is that if you’re looking at a specific photo on a friend’s phone, you do not swipe left or right. Now there’s a way to avoid the embarrassment with people who don’t know this golden rule. No one wants their friends to see their 200 selfies after a night out.

To keep your embarrassing photos private, long press the photo you’ll see two options – Copy and Hide. Tap Hide and the photo will go dark confirming it has been hidden. All hidden photos are stored in a separate album labelled Hidden. You can unhide photos too, long press again and select ‘Unhide’ and they’ll be moved back to Moments, Collections and Years and out of the Hidden album.


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iphone 6 tricks